YidBrik, a Scripted Genius project by Jonathan Esterman, is about building Jewish bridges. YidBrik is born out of a dual goal: the desire to create an easy resource for those who want to learn and/or experience Judaism but feel that other sites may be “too much,” and to accomplish a dissertation goal under a  Track 2 Artifact approach at Portland Seminary.


It is our mission to help reduce misunderstandings and barriers between individuals, both Jewish and non-Jewish, by discussing Judaism and Jewish identification in a contemporary and meaningful way.

Our goal is not creating conversions but guiding Jewish individuals into understanding and embracing their Jewish heritage and non-Jewish individuals into discovering the Noachide path and what it means to be righteous as a Gentile. We do not, however, stand in the way of conversion and certainly are proponents of Judaism and Jewish living when it is meaningful and beneficial for the individual in question.

What You Will Find Here

Those in the process of conversion or interested in learning about it will find YidBrik a safe place to discover the process and feelings of an Orthodox conversion. We’re here from beginning until forever, since the mikveh is not the end of one’s study in Jewish life.

YidBrik serves as a bridge in many fashions. We have a blog that continually adds to our knowledge base for Jewish living. We have social media accounts to engage and interact with on the go. We have recommended resources to learn more about Judaism. We also feature SemioBytes as part of the dissertation work, which is a bridge to Christian organizations to foster shalom so that we can work together in tikkun olam.


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