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Hi, I’m Yoni.

I’m the author of Scripted Genius as well as a husband, father, semiotician, Jewish theologian, and bearded geeky guy.

When it comes to Yiddishkeit, I’m a Levite from my father’s side and halachically a Baali Ger. My style is frum, my tradition is Ashkenaz, and my praxis is Orthodox from a Yeshivish-Chassidic blended approach. 

I hold a Masters of Divinity as well as a Bachelor of Science in Religion with a triple-minor in biblical studies, Christian counseling, and psychology from Liberty University.

I left Christianity to convert to Orthodox Judaism around January/February of 2017 as the result of my studies in my program. Since then I have been living as an observant Orthodox Jewish individual within an Orthodox community. My dissertation focuses on building bridges primarily through Jewish-Christian relations both theologically and practically.

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