Mishpacha in the Face of Tragedy

One of the valuable lessons I learned from my adults Birthright trip in June 2018 is mishpacha. Mishpacha is Hebrew for family. During this trip to Israel, I had the opportunity to bond with not just those on my bus, but also with the land and Jewish individuals at large. This experience was invaluable as a whole, but also simply because I felt connected to my own Yiddishkeit. [Read More…]

Perfection & Course Correction: A Brief Overview on Dispensationalism, Noachides, and Evolution

<a href="https://pixabay.com/users/Pexels/">Pexels</a> / Pixabay

The notion of upgrading is a uniquely human problem. The concept is simple – there are improvements/revisions and thus a change that justifies upgrading and/or replacing. The famous Apple iPhone cycle is a perfect example of it: each year Apple comes out with a “better” handset and people upgrade to the newest device. Even the operating system is upgraded every year.

Faster processors.
Better battery life.
Enhanced camera [Read More…]