My Trip to Israel in the Summer of 2018

Jordan river on the way from Safed to Kfar Hanokdim.

In Episode 5 on SemioBytes, Terry asks me about my trip to Israel. I traveled to Israel as part of a new program from Birthright Taglit for adults that missed out the first time around. This new group is for individuals 27-32 years old. More information is available on Birthright’s website. My Israel trip was managed by Israel Experts. Adam and Carli were staff members and Yoni Lightstone was the local tour guide. Both Adam and Yoni were my Orthodox resources for the trip as the tour was designed to be pluralistic in nature.

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“The End” & Tikkun Olam

In this episode, Terry leads with a conversation regarding science, religion, philosophy, and the signs of the end times. This longer episode connects directly with Terry’s dissertation and brings to point a conversation about what are we doing, as Jews and Christians, to help or hinder tikkun olam and prepare for a “messianic” era.

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Ep. 2 & 3 on SemioBytes: Interview with Dr. Leonard Sweet

In this week’s episode, Terry and I discussed our takeaways from our joint interview with Dr. Leonard Sweet at his resort in Orcas Island. We conducted our interview the last week of May 2018 during our face to face intensive to finish our cohort DMin program with the last of our classes with Len. He graciously took the time to answer a few questions on record for us to share in this podcast.

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Story Exegesis on Parashas Balak

In many ways, this is a tale as old as time. Imagery found in the Torah, true as it can be. A prophet takes the center stage, barely prepared for the raw power he faces off against. The prophet wasn’t the smallest bit afraid, which is of some dismay, and brings us full circle to the true family message of the beauty of a humble man and the terror of a vicious beast. We read the story ever just the same year after year, and find new meanings in metaphors that are ever a surprise, yet we nonetheless walk away from the event ever as before, just as sure of the tale as we are sure as the sun will rise.

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