Messianic Judaism: Complicated, Challenging, and Confusing

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Messianic Judaism, or Messianic Christianity (according to Orthodox Jews), is widely misunderstood and feared in both the Jewish and Christian communities. It’s time to clear the air.

Disclosure: YidBrik is an Orthodox Jewish project that seeks to build bridges between different variations of Judaism as well as improving Jewish-Christian relations. Despite this affiliation, YidBrik embraces a holistic perspective that goes beyond the typical limitations expressed by Orthodox Judaism.

What is Messianic Judaism?

Messianic Jews are Jews, halachic or otherwise, that believe Jesus is their messiah.

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Multifaceted Prayer

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On Kabbalah Pod I aired an episode briefly highlighting an interesting semiotic tidbit from Parshas Chayei Sarah. In the episode I mention the Torah’s repetition of Eliezer’s journey and the connection to prayer, but only in a brief form. I really want to bring this up as I connects beyond Kabbalah and finds a real connection that helps with the concept of YidBrik: building bridges. 

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Perfection & Course Correction: A Brief Overview on Dispensationalism, Noachides, and Evolution

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The notion of upgrading is a uniquely human problem. The concept is simple – there are improvements/revisions and thus a change that justifies upgrading and/or replacing. The famous Apple iPhone cycle is a perfect example of it: each year Apple comes out with a “better” handset and people upgrade to the newest device. Even the operating system is upgraded every year.

Faster processors.
Better battery life.
Enhanced camera

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