Are You a Christian?

If so, start here.

Most of this information is also available on our About page, but the below explanation is aimed for a Christian audience in particular.

An Introduction

For the past two-thousand years, Jewish-Christian relations have been strenuous at best. The Jewish people as a whole have faced endless persecution. From their perspective, it is mainly at the hands of Christianity. This may not be you, but it is the religion/belief/relationship/faith movement you symbolize. I used to be a Christian and a “Messianic Jew” and encountered this, so I know how it feels. That’s part of why I’m here to help you. Whereas a cross has the semiotic meaning of life and redemption to the Christian, it represents death and despair to the Jew. This is an issue. It’s an issue of both hearts and minds. Hearts are not so easily swayed, but minds can be educated and enlightened to a different possibility. That’s part of what YidBrik aims to accomplish.

What is YidBrik?

YidBrik is a proposed solution to a “ministry problem.” This website and its included podcasts is a comprehensive approach to unify Jews and Christians on a theological and practical basis using contemporary methods of connection. The format is web-driven (mobile-friendly site and social media profiles), small content (blogs), social in nature (Facebook for comments platform as well as promotion), and voice-connected (podcasts).

Scripted Genius project by Jonathan Esterman, YidBrik is about building Jewish bridges. YidBrik is born out of a dual goal: the desire to create an easy resource for those who want to learn and/or experience Judaism but feel that other sites may be “too much,” and to accomplish a dissertation goal under a  Track 02 Artifact approach at Portland Seminary.


We believe a co-led “bridge ministry” can address misunderstandings and conflicting theologies to find an amenable solution that is holistically biblical and consistent. In order to accomplish this, however, one must first learn more about both Judaism and Christianity from both a physical and spiritual approach. Afterward one can then engage the concept of bridge-building.

To accomplish this, It is our mission to help reduce misunderstandings and barriers between individuals, both Jewish and non-Jewish, by discussing Judaism and Jewish identification in a contemporary and meaningful way.

Our goal is not creating conversions but guiding Jewish individuals into understanding and embracing their Jewish heritage and non-Jewish individuals into discovering the Noachide path and what it means to be righteous as a Gentile. We do not, however, stand in the way of conversion and certainly are proponents of Judaism and Jewish living when it is meaningful and beneficial for the individual in question. Please note, this is an Orthodox Jewish organization. While we work to maintain relations and build bridges with other Jews, Noachides, Christians, and more, our approach is within an Orthodox Jewish worldview.

Building Bridges

Building bridges. Between Jews and Christians. Between Orthodox and Reform. Between Yeshivish and Hasidim. The list goes on. That is YidBrik.

YidBrik offers:

  • A blog that continually adds to our knowledge base for Jewish living
  • Social media accounts to engage and interact with on the go
  • Recommended resources to learn more about Judaism
  • podcast on Kabbalah for absolute beginners and those who simply want to understand relational living with the Infinite.
  • A podcast on semiotics, SemioBytes, as part of the dissertation work

The goal? To foster shalom and work together in tikkun olam.

Your Role in Bridge-Building

Our goal is to inspire and motivate you to create good in the world by becoming more spiritually engaged, helping those in need, or helping build these bridges in their own community. The aim is for you to see Jewish-Christian relations in a new light and find a semiotic inspiration in your own faith journey. I’d love to connect further and share more with you. Please contact me if the feeling is mutual.

Please let me know if I can be of any assistance in your journey.

— Yoni