YidBrik: Historical, Practical, Relational, and Theological Concepts and Challenges in Jewish-Christian Relations

A primary goal of this dissertation is to focus on building bridges between the Jewish community and the Christian Church at large by fostering shalom, providing understanding and tolerance via context and education, and engaging dialogue between the two groups via a bridge “ministry” that functions as a “go between” for the two groups. This endeavor is to answer the research question of: how can Jews and Christians forge a theologically practical solution to enable them to resolve differences to offer a unified salvific solution, and as a result, support one another to work together to foster tikkun olam?

Because of the nature of the Track 02 approach, an artifact component is required. The artifact is this website, including articles, blog, resources, Kabbalah podcast, and co-led “pod-blog” to answer theological questions via semiotic analysis, as a groundwork for a unifying theological framework. This artifact will serve as a trial model to give evidence of success and learn lessons on what to adjust, retain, etc., to enable a larger-scale roll-out of a co-led “bridge ministry” that will address misunderstandings and conflicting theologies to find an amenable solution that is holistically biblical and consistent.

Custom coursework in the Doctor of Ministry: Leadership, Semiotics, and Future Studies program under Dr. Leonard Sweet at Portland Seminary includes the dissertation as the cumulative expression.

Below are links to the dissertation materials, program learning plan, and completed work in the custom modules.

Global Perspectives: Practical Judaism in a Multicultural Setting

Spring 2017

Spirituality & Leadership

Summer 2017

Judeo-Christian: A Theological Overview of Judaism, Christianity, and the Noachides

Fall 2017

The Art of Mysticism: Kabbalah and Its Impact

Spring 2018

Spirituality and Leadership in Community

Summer 2018