SemioBytes: A Semiotic Theological Chat

SemioBytes is a podcast by YidBrik and Semio City

First off, what is Semiotics?

Semiotics, blandly defined, is the “study of signs.” We’re not talking stop signs, however – we’re talking about symbolism and metaphor both in contemporary culture as well as Torah narrative. We dive into both the text as well as our society and come out with a vision of where we are and what’s to come. We make sense and meaning of the peculiarities of life. Honestly, though, the best way to understand what semiotics means is to try out SemioBytes, in particular our first episode.

Why Listen to Our Podcast?

SemioBytes is a co-hosted production by YidBrik and Semio.City that answers submitted questions via semiotic analysis by addressing misunderstandings to build a bridge of shalom between the Judaism and Christianity. We delve into theology (of course), clashing signs, and current events (such as those pesky headlines). We also take listener questions and engage with the audience.

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SemioBytes began as a component of a “Track 02” dissertation artifact for Jonathan Esterman and Terry Rankin in the Doctor of Ministry (Leadership, Semiotics, and Future Studies) program under lead mentor Dr. Leonard Sweet at Portland Seminary.

In Season One, each podcast episode included two blog posts for follow-up, one at YidBrik and the other at Semio City. These posts delved deeper into the topic at hand and further express the thoughts of Yoni and Terry. We encourage you to take a look at both blogs. Starting with Season Two, the podcast operates as an independent component and each episode, unless a multi-part recording, is intended to be self-contained.

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