Shaar HaPaRDeS: Gate of the Orchard

Is this new?

This podcast is not a new project by YidBrik, it is actually a rebranding of Kabbalah Pod. Kabbalah Pod was launched alongside YidBrik as a dissertation artifact component. Launched in May of 2018, Kabbalah Pod has garnered a steady listener base with over 20,000 total listens in the past three and a half years.

So why change?

As my own journey and expression grows, and so does the content on my website and podcast, I felt that Kabbalah Pod was no longer the most correct description of the content. Yes, there’s Kabbalah, but not an inordinate amount and not a non-Orthodox variety, which is often the association with the term. The Kabbalah found in my podcast is part of the exploration of my own contemporary chareidi chassidus in Portland, Oregon (adding my own flair here).

So what will the content be?

My podcast is more a gateway to the orchard, and not just any orchard, but the famed Kabbalistic orchard we encounter when learning and exploring the realms of Torah: P, R, D, and S, Pshat, Remez, Drash, and Sod.

The content will be the same in origin, but will allow me to explore new concepts to share and approaches to take.

As we continue to learn together, I look forward to hearing from you and discussing more about what you think so that we can grow together.