The Miracle of Chanukah – The Real “Reason for the Season”

It’s the winter holiday season again in the world. For most, Chanukah is simply a blip on the radar. For others, it’s a Jewish holiday that’s like the other days (that one with the man in the red suit, for example). It seems that a majority fit in this second category.

Then there’s another group that looks to history to understand the present holiday, and from there we have an entirely different concept behind this holiday.

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Let’s Stop Evangelizing Already

TLDR; Jesus isn’t the Jewish messiah. He never was and never will be. It’s been extensively covered by great rabbis and addressed in my dissertation.

Check out Aryeh Kaplan’s rebuttal of Jesus here [FREE DOWNLOAD].

You won’t like the rest of this post if this is an issue for you, but I recommend challenging your ability to engage with different perspectives by reading what I have to say on the matter.

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