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Here’s the scoop on what YidBrik is:

YidBrik, a Scripted Genius project by Jonathan Esterman (Yoni), is about building Jewish bridges (check out the About Page to read more about the project).

One of the features on YidBrik is an ongoing blog that is the sum of the articles on this site. As more posts are added, sections will have more content and new categories may even be added. All this takes time, though. It also takes effort and money. My goal with YidBrik is to maintain the site and writing at no cost to the user (in other words, no paywalls or junk ads). To help me with this, I welcome guest writers, partnerships, promotions, and donations. We also offer subsidized cost on speaking engagements (a nominal fee to cover travel, incidentals, and time).

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We have recommended resources, best finds on Amazon, a blog, articles, dissertation docs, a podcast, and more. Suggest topics and help with content! More content will come, but we just couldn’t wait to launch!